Shopping Can Cause Injuries That May Lead to Costly Medical Bills

When Injuries Occur, Know Your Rights

Holiday season is just around your corner, you might think that the largest pain point caused to you by shopping takes place in the area of your purse. Yet, shopping (not including online shopping) is the same as any other activity which occurs in the real world – it’s fraught with risks. And therefore, while it might seem safe to tour around malls in search for the toys, clothing, latest gadgets and electronics, and other stuff, injuries caused by shopping such as fall and slip injuries, neck and back injuries and other misfortunes, commonly take place and account for hundreds and thousands of personal injury reimbursements every year.

How shopping injuries happen?

Shopping injuries are words used to define personal injuries which take place while on a strip center, shopping mall, a regular establishment or other retail store. Oftentimes, shopping injuries happen because of the failure of the management to maintain a safe environment inside the establishment. In addition to that, they can occur when owner of the store does not provide enough warning signs – to workers and shoppers alike – in and around the establishment.

Kinds of Shopping Injuries

Mostly of shopping-related injuries are considered minor such as muscle strains, bruises or scratches. However, some serious injuries occur which include spinal cord injury, neck injury, head trauma, sprains, bone fractures, or even death. In fact, the shopping injury rate tends to boost up during heavy shopping seasons like holiday seasons, Christmas, New Year and other holidays.

Specific accidents caused by shopping typically include:

  1. Fall and Slip Injuries

These injuries often occur due to escalator malfunctions, poor lit lighting, torn carpets, and wet floors. They can also result from objects on the floor or ground which create a trip hazard or slip.

  1. Body and Head Injuries

These kinds of injuries can commonly happen as a result of misplaced or broken retail displays, falling objects (typically objects that are placed on higher areas) or other mishaps.

  1. Parking Lot Injuries

These kinds of injuries always caused by uneven, improperly designed, cracked or broken parking lots. These injuries can also occur from failure of the landlord to remove ice or snow after or during inclement weather.

  1. Shopping Cart Injuries

These types of injuries may appear non-threatening however, they are rolling steel objects and if not properly wielded, they can tip over, run into others, ram into displays as well as products that then become dangerous objects or cause other accidents in and out of the store.

 How to Assess a Shopping-Related Personal Injury Compensation

People who acquired injuries inside or outside the strip centers, shopping malls, stores or other commercial establishments can basically use a negligence law in order to file a lawsuit against the owner for personal injury compensation. As a matter of fact, the store owners should observe and maintain safety within the premises of the establishment to make sure that the store is safe and secured from dangerous conditions or hidden hazards.

To know more about it, consider consulting a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney.