In order to keep the computer safe and long lasting. You need to make sure that they are always clean and neat so that it would have a longer life span. When you are cleaning the computer, it should not only be outside but also inside of it. For example, the application that you installed there and even the inner parts of the pc. VMware services Columbus said that you need proper caring and knowledge about the software inside and outside.  Below are some useful tips in order to keep it clean and nice and keep it away from things that can destroy.  


  • You should not let the computer or laptop be near to any liquids. It is common for many people to put their coffee or drink some orange juice and milk during their working time in front of the computer and the tendency is that sometimes we accidentally touch it and spill it there.  
  • Better to put your food away from your laptop or table as it may be prone to some debris there. It means that there could be small pieces of it that will fall down and ants will come closer to there and they can make a house inside your computer.  
  • Don’t let the animals or pet you have to touch the laptop as they might be wild and destroy your device. As well, you need to be careful about the fur as they can get into the inside part of the computer. In line with these some dogs and cats might gnaw the parts of the wires.  
  • You need to make sure that when you close your laptop, you need to remove any objects that can hinder it from closing.  
  • You need to remember that you have to put or plug the right accessory to the slots.  
  • Don’t let the laptop or computer stay in a very hot weather condition or for example to the direct sunlight. The same thing goes to a snowy weather condition. Don’t bring and use your laptop under the heavy snow. 
  • Use a soft kind of cloth or towel to remove the dust around the computer and laptop. Don’t use or try to scrub it with a very sharp object.  
  • Don’t put too much heavy objects on it. It is better to keep them free from any materials and things on it.  
  • Place your computer and laptop in a flat area and surface. Don’t place on the edge of the table or desk as it may cause accident to it.  
  • Remove all the unnecessary software and files there. It will consume so much space in your device and may hang up and keeps on freezing.  
  • Install anti-virus protection to protect and make your gadget safe. 
  • If there is something wrong with your laptop consult your nearest technician. Especially if you dont have any knowledge about it.